AMR 2020 – Event Info Pack

Notes from Neal

The purpose of this activity is to teach self sufficiency and the ability to navigate around a major city. The Explorers are expected to navigate for themselves around London. Accommodation will be at a scout campsite just in the suburbs of London. The Explorers will be camping.

The AMR is a game with about 400 participants. The Explorer will be scored on the locations they visit and they can score additional points by completing challenges. Preparation is key to the event more preparation easier the game will be. 

The key elements that the explosion need to carry out are:

  • Read and understand the details on the AMR website
  • Sort out a route and obtain maps
  • Sort out the tickets they need to travel around London.

Travel will be by coach from Cardiff to Victoria Coach Station, tube from Victoria Coach Station to the campsite, there is a short (½ Mile) walk from the tube station to the campsite.

The  event starts at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning and finishes at 7 p.m. on Saturday evening.

The Explorers will camp overnight before prizegiving on Sunday morning after which the event ends.

Travel back will be reverse of the travel to the event typically the explorers spend some time in London before catching a mid-afternoon coach home 

Event Details

Congratulations! You have signed up for the Alternative Monopoly Run in London!

The event will run from March 13th till March 15th 2020

This event is run and organised by Alternative Monopoly Run

To speed up the booking process the unit has already paid your fee for you. The fee for this event is £20 and we ask that you pay this to the unit account as soon as possible. 

The Units bank details are as follows :

Fiery Dragons ESU

Sort – 40-52-40 

Ac No – 00026623

The Deadline for paying for this camp is 1st February 2020. If you cannot pay by this date please contact one of the leaders. If you do not pay by this date and do not speak to us we will offer your space to another person. 

For this event the unit is NOT providing transport so it is your responsibility to get to and from the site on your own. More on this will be covered in the Transport section of this document. 

While this event is run by the Alternative Monopoly Run all of your leadership team are involved in the organisation of this event. They will be on site with you in London but will NOT be going on the run with you. Of course you can contact us in an emergency but otherwise it will be as if we were not there. 


While the unit does not provide transport to or from the event we suggest the following: 

Kathy Fletcher will be arranging a group booking for these timings, if you would like to be included in this group booking please let her know ASAP.

Cardiff to London Victoria – Megabus/ National Express

We would suggest you all get the 18:00 Megabus/National Express from Cardiff to London Victoria Coach Station

London Victoria to Bounds Green – TFL Underground

We Suggest the underground as a good way to get from Victoria to Bounds Green. 

Take the Victoria Line from Victoria Station to Finsbury Park

Take the Piccadilly Line from Finsbury Park to Bounds Green.

Walk from Bounds Green tube station to Scout Park (Event signposted from station)

Bounds Green to London Victoria – TFL Underground

Take the Piccadilly Line from Bounds Green to Finsbury Park.

Take the Victoria Line from Finsbury Park to Victoria Station

London Victoria to Cardiff – Megabus/ National Express

We would suggest you all get the 16:30 Megabus/National Express from  London Victoria Coach Station to Cardiff

Unlike in previous years we will NOT have a leader traveling to London on the bus with the explorers. This is due to the fact that the leadership team will be traveling to London on Thursday to set up. There will NOT be space in the leaders vehicle for extra people.

Kit List

Suggested Kit List (Bold Required, Italic Suggested):

  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Tent (Between 3)
  • Pillow
  • Plate, Bowl, Mug & Cutlery
  • Torch
  • Necker (Must be worn at all times)
  • Uniform Top (Must be worn on Bus)
  • Change of clothes
  • Hat
  • Water Bottle
  • DaySack
  • Snacks
  • Towel
  • Clothing Appropriate for Weather 
    • Gloves
    • Hat
    • Waterproof Jacket
    • Waterproof Trousers
    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses
  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • Card Games
  • Power bank for phone
  • Money for Transport/ Oyster Card
  • Money for Food
  • London A-Z (Can be purchased in london)
  • London Tube Map – Download and Print at home
  • Route Plan
  • Wash Gear
  • Deodorant 
  • Toilet Paper
  • Plastic Bag for wet clothes/ keeping things dry / sitting on (Anything really they are quite useful)
  • Pen & Paper


Dinner Friday – Fast Food from station en route to Bounds Green

Breakfast Saturday – Camel Cafe (On Site Cafe) – See Website

Lunch Saturday – Fast Food/ Packed Lunch – In London

Dinner Saturday – Camel Cafe (On Site Cafe)

Breakfast Sunday – Camel Cafe (On Site Cafe)

Lunch Sunday – Fast food en route home – Pizza?

Contact Information

RoleNameContact NumberEmail
Event LeaderJoe Fletcher079 5412
LeaderNeal Fletcher079 5039
LeaderJonas Smith079 5189
InTouchBernadette Fletcher029 2048

Site Address

Scout Park

Gordon Road


N11 2PB

Event Emergency Number: 01233 800457


Explorers (21)

  • Ben Lawrence
  • Bethan Thomas
  • Caitlin Wayte
  • Dylan Mingay
  • Emily Davies
  • Ethan Blackburn
  • Fran Feehan
  • George Mingay
  • Jack Price
  • James Fletcher
  • Joe Lewis
  • Kai Schlottmann
  • Kathy Fletcher
  • Kyle Hewett
  • Louis Speake
  • Luke Hollifield
  • Megan Lewis
  • Olivia Chidlow
  • Sophie Lewis
  • Tom Price
  • Tommy Kyriakou

Leaders (3)

  • Neal Fletcher
  • Joe Fletcher
  • Jonas Smith

Subs Pricing Policy

Standard- £13 Per Month
Multiple Children – £10 Per Child Per Month *
Children of Fiery Dragons Explorer Leaders – Free **
Leaders – Free

Event Pricing Policy

All participating attendies pay same price be they adult or child.
If the Leaders are not participating in the activities they may only pay the transport and food costs.
Young People DO NOT subsidize Leaders attending events

* We have this policy as we know having multiple children in scouting can be difficult and we do not want to overburden parents.

** Fiery Dragons Leaders Children do not pay subs as there are numerous small amounts of expenditure that the leaders pay for generally. Leaders Children do however pay full price for events

Summer is Coming

Hi All!

Easter is over so that means 2 things for people of your age, Exams and Summer is coming. So let’s sort some things out to help you.

Explorers is NOT compulsory, you don’t have to turn up every week so if you are revising then please don’t feel you have to turn up but remember we meet on a friday night so unless you are REALLY unlucky there won’t be any exams the next day and explorers can be a good opportunity for stress relief. We are expecting to be running at about 50% attendance all of this term so don’t feel bad about not being able to attend but do let us know that you can’t make it.

Now for something more fun, SUMMER! While a lot of you are attending WSJ in america we know that not everyone is but don’t worry there are loads of events you can attend. one such event that the unit has gone to for the last couple of years is Gilwell 24. A 24 hour extravaganza where there are activities such as climbing, scuba diving, karaoke, archery, escape rooms, movie screenings and much more running for the whole 24 hours. can you stay awake that long and survive the night? Only one way to find out! If you are interested in attending Gilwell 24 please let me know!

We will be starting back on 3rd May at the hall as normal.

Dragon Camps

Do you have what it takes to camp out once a month for a year? How about 2? Or 3? That is what the dragon award is all about. Camping out once a month for up to 3 years.

Well you can do it anywhere but why not make it easy and come along to a dragon camp.

At the last Youth forum meeting it was decided that Jubilee Field Campsite was not being used enough so to solve this issue the Area will be running one camp a month there to help you get your dragon awards.

About The Camp

The Camp will run once a month and will cost £5 per person. This cost goes 100% to the upkeep of Jubilee Fields.

The Camp will be just a overnight camp Friday night/ Saturday morning with a campfire on Friday night.

No food or tents will be provided and you will have to provide your own nights away permit holder or Passport.

If the event is popular we will look at providing some activities on the Saturday.


  • 15th February
  • 22nd March
  • 26th April
  • 24th May
  • 21st June


If you are interested in attending please let us know here