Summer is Coming

Hi All!

Easter is over so that means 2 things for people of your age, Exams and Summer is coming. So let’s sort some things out to help you.

Explorers is NOT compulsory, you don’t have to turn up every week so if you are revising then please don’t feel you have to turn up but remember we meet on a friday night so unless you are REALLY unlucky there won’t be any exams the next day and explorers can be a good opportunity for stress relief. We are expecting to be running at about 50% attendance all of this term so don’t feel bad about not being able to attend but do let us know that you can’t make it.

Now for something more fun, SUMMER! While a lot of you are attending WSJ in america we know that not everyone is but don’t worry there are loads of events you can attend. one such event that the unit has gone to for the last couple of years is Gilwell 24. A 24 hour extravaganza where there are activities such as climbing, scuba diving, karaoke, archery, escape rooms, movie screenings and much more running for the whole 24 hours. can you stay awake that long and survive the night? Only one way to find out! If you are interested in attending Gilwell 24 please let me know!

We will be starting back on 3rd May at the hall as normal.