COVID 19 Update

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Hi Guys,

We have had confirmation in the last few minutes that explorers will be suspended for the moment. Gilwell has said that all scout activities should be suspended.

There is more information from the chief commissioner that I will pass onto you as soon as I have had a chance to digest it.

It is a real shame that we have had to suspend things but if it protects our loved ones and our older relatives, a suspension of Explorers for a short while is a small price to pay.

I know you will all be disappointed and I will be speaking to Joe to see if we can arrange a way where all meet up on line on Friday at 7:30.

All other scouting events are suspended, including Gilwell 24 and I am certain the All Wales Scout Camp. I know that if you ask about other events and meetings at the moment you will get the reply that they are all suspended. Gilwell are currently very busy sorting out a lot of issues so please do not contact them.

You may have paid monies for events, please give the event organisers time to sort things out regarding refunds, they too will have only just heard the news.

Please let me and Joe have a talk with our district about what we should do about our subscriptions. I think that we will push to have them suspended whilst Explorers are suspended.

My own opinion is that explorers is likely to be suspended until either of the two May bank holidays, I suspect the latter one, which may mean that our first meeting back may be in the first week of June. Of course we may be asked to extend or reduce this period. I will be posting updates weekly on what I know. I will be as keen as you to get explorers going again.

Remember whilst our physical meetings are suspended, we still all remain scouts, and scouts will be resuming once this episode is over.